You will receive them regularly via email, but you can also access them in your Login area. Once you’re logged into your account you can access your reports through the ‘Reports’ tab – they are available in your account at any time, ready for viewing. You can also download them.

You will have access to past reports for as long as you are a subscriber.

Once you’re logged into your account go to the ‘Manage Subscriptions’ tab to upgrade your subscription. You can select which subscription you would like to upgrade to by toggling the button ‘on’ next to the subscription name.

Yes, each month you will be automatically charged based on the subscription you purchased. Any upgrades will be prorated for the time remaining on your monthly subscription.


Yes, you can cancel at any time. You will have access to your account through the end of your subscription period.

You’ll just send an email to customer@themacrocompass.com.

Once you’re logged into your account, you can access your payment information and see your invoices through the ‘Payment’ tab.

All the terms of the refund policy are highlighted in the Terms and Conditions page you can find in the bottom part of the website.

Once you’re logged into your account you can access your Interactive Tools through the ‘Interactive Tool’ tab – they are available in your account at any time.


Macro courses are planned for early Q2 next year, and they will cover a range of topics from monetary mechanics, bond markets, cross-asset valuations, portfolio construction, risk management and much more.


In 2023, we are planning to release much more macro tools. There will be a Portfolio Optimizer tool that allows you to quickly and thoroughly analyze the risks you are running and test/size how new positions would interact with your existing portfolio. We are also planning the release of a comprehensive Interactive Macro Database that will allow you to get access and play around with all relevant macro data series in the world. And much more!

Yes, we do. This service is reserved for subscribers to the Pro tier. You can either subscribe to the Pro tier and enquire about 1-1 calls or directly apply for the Pro+ subscription, which will encompass additional exclusive services like Macro Roundtables around the world and regular access to Alf via email.